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Mocbos® Technology

Estandard production
Special production whit delivery programme.

D.C. Motors.
Standarized IEC (NEMA, upon request) from 0,1 to 1000 HP. Voltage up to 600 Vcc.
Low Voltage - 12 to 72 Volts Battery supply - .
Mill Type motors - GM 800 series.

Permanent magnet motors High efficiency and long life..
Up to 200 W.
Up to 3 Kw.
Disk type axial flux "Flat", from 200 W to 4,3 Kw.
D.C. permanent magnec gear motors.

D.C. GeneratorsGeneradores de Corriente Continua.
Standarized IEC (NEMA, upon request) up to 200 Kw.
For eolic energy.
Tachymetric Dynamos Up to 100 V. High resolution.

A.C. Motors Standarized.
Three phase asynchronous motors standarized
High frequency 400 Hz - Spindle motor..
High Slip Up to 20 Kw - For acceleration and torque control.
Special motors for inverters drives.
C.N.C. positioning A.C. motors.

Brushless, rotor cilinder and disk "Flat".

A.C. Generators - Alternators.
Single phase an Three phase
Up to 500 KVA - Different frequencies and poles. Suitable for eolic energy.
Rotatives converters: DC/DC - DC/AC - AC/AC.



Speed Controllers for D.C. Motors.
Up to 3000 HP - 1 and 4 quadrant. Galvanic isolated - PLC and CNC controls.
Transistors convertes for Vehicule aplication - Battery supply.

Inverters Drives for A.C. Motors.
Up to 900 Kw - Microprocessor contol - Use escalar V/F, vector flux control and for    elevator.

Positioning controls for A.C. servomotors of dinamic response..

Soft Start for A.C. motors. 1,5 to 1800 CV.

A.C. and D.C. Engineering Drives Systems.

Synchronized system analogy and digital control for PLC.
Aplications to continuos process: Paper, plastic and siderurgical industry.

Service and Maintenance
Engineering an desing of D.C. and A.C. electric machines.
Maintenance of D.C. and A.C. motors and generators.
Dinamic balanced of rotors up to 500 Kg.
Construction of generating sets.

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